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A listing & summary of the broadcasts from 22 June 1992 to 4 September 2001

Tapes are available for $10 from MORC c/o Bill Weinberg, 121 Fifth Ave. #172, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Please allow one month for delivery.

4 September 2001: Voices of the Amazigh II
Bill Weinberg with an update on the Berber struggle in Algeria, and music from the Berber exile diaspora. Link: Amazigh Voice

28 August 2001: The Secret History of Planet of the Apes
Ann-Marie Hendrickson deconstructs the race and class politics of the sci-fi classic. Music: The Simpsons, Tommy Dorsey, Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers.

21 August 2001: WBAI Under Siege XII
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson on listener democracy. Also: Update on Turkish political prisoners, oud music from Aram Gulezyan. Link: Resistance at WBAI

14 August 2001: World War 3 Illustrated III
Seth Tobocman and Corrine Rhodes of World War 3 Illustrated on the struggle against global capital. Music: New York's Hungry March Band, Seattle songster Jim Page, radical hip-hop from Germany.

7 August 2001: The Rule of the Tyrants
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson on the trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the double standards of international justice. Music: The Mighty Sparrow, more Spanish Civil War songs. Link: War Crimes Tribunal Watch

31 July 2001: Lab USA
Kevin Pyle, author of Lab USA, on the secret history of human-guinea pig experiments in America. Also: Homage to Poohlan Devi, India's Bandit Queen. Music: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Link: Poohlan Devi

24 July 2001: More Gardens!
Aresh Djervati of the More Gardens Coalition and Martha Geisler of the Lower East Side's Peach Tree Garden on the struggle to save 400 besieged community gardens around the city. Also: More music of the Spanish Civil War. Link: More Gardens!

17 July 2001: Viva Charas!
Susan Howard on the struggle to save the besieged Lower East Side community center. Also: Bill Weinberg commemorates the 65th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and the recent passing of John Lee Hooker with song and commentary. Link: Charas Victory in Question?

10 July 2001: NI Vavilov Remembered
Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Bill Weinberg mark the 60th anniversary of the Stalin-era show trial of the pioneering Russian plant geneticist and mapper of global biodiversity. Music: Serge Prokofiev's greatest hits. Link: NI Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry

3 July 2001: WBAI Under Siege XI
Ann-Marie Hendrickson reports on the Mermaid Parade and changing face of Coney Island, critiques the mainstreaming of non-commercial radio. Music: Smoky Robinson & the Miracles, the Raincoats

26 June 2001: Voices of the Amazigh
Poet and journalist Ali Akkache of Algeria's Amazigh National Radio on the culture and struggle of the Amazigh (Berber) people. With music and readings from his new CD. Link: Ali Akkache

19 June 2001: From Chiapas to Morocco III
Still more on the Sufi connection to the Zapatistas, and more Gnawa music. Also: Mermaid Parade update and review of the William Blake exhibit at The Met.

12 June 2001: From Chiapas to Morocco II
Bill Weinberg with more on the Sufi connection to the Zapatistas, and more Moroccan Gnawa music. Also: Ann-Marie Hendrickson on the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and analysis of the WBAI crisis.

5 June 2001: From Chiapas to Morocco
Bill Weinberg uncovers the Sufi connection to the Zapatistas. With traditional Moroccan Gnawa music. Link: Islam in Chiapas

22 May 2001: The Charleston Five
Ken Riley, president of ILA Local 1422 in Charleston, SC, reports on their heroic struggle against union-busting, state repression and official Confederacy nostalgia. Music: Fairport Convention, Peter LaFarge.

15 May 2001: Casa del Sol
Rafael Bueno, Lisa Westberg and fellow squatter/gardeners of the Casa del Sol/Cherry Tree Association alternative ecological community in Mott Haven, The Bronx. Indigenous Maya, Taino and Norwegian music. Link: Casa del Sol Future City Solar Project

8 May 2001: Free Vieques! III
Carmelo Ruiz of San Juan's pro-independence Claridad returns via telephone with an update on the Vieques protests. Music: Guatemala's Alux Nahual, Mercedes Sosa live in revolutionary Managua, 1995. Links: Carmelo on Vieques & Carmelo's blog

1 May 2001: Shut it Down! VI
Bill Times Up, Rick Times Up and Miranda Margo Lane with more on the Quebec FTAA protests and global Mayday actions. Music: More Ramones.

24 April 2001: Shut it Down! V
Bill Times Up and Daniel IMC report on the FTAA protests in Quebec. Music: Ann-Marie Hendrickson bids farewell to Joey Ramone. Link: Remembering Joey Ramone

17 April 2001: Viva Zapata! VI
Bill Weinberg interviews John Ross, author of The War Against Oblivion: The Zapatista Chronicles. Music: Los Magueyes, revolutionary corridos from Michoacan.

10 April 2001: Rants Against the Machine III
Seth Tobocman and Kevin Pyle of World War 3 Illustrated and independent film-maker Juliana Fredman on technology and domination. Music: Stephan Smith and the Jubilee Band. Link: Juliana Fredman from the West Bank

3 April 2001: Shut it Down! IV
Activist War Cry reports on the struggle for the Northwest forests and the upcoming FTAA protests. Music: Vermont political songsters The Unknown. Link: Cascadia Forest Defenders

27 March 2001: WBAI Under Siege X
Pacifica board member Tomas Moran live from California on the demonization of dissent. Music: More Solas.

20 March 2001: Thoughts on the Common Toad II
Bill Weinberg celebrates the arrival of spring by reading the classic George Orwell essay. Also: Jay Dobkin of the Anarchist Propaganda & Variety Hour (Manhattan Cable TV) and actress Elirosa Zamora on nature, art and revolution. Music: Traditional Irish sounds of Solas.

13 March 2001: Anarchist Roots of Pacifica
Anarchist historian Kevin Coogan on Lew Hill, Kenneth Rexroth and the anarcho-pacifist origins of the Pacifica network. Music: Edith Piaf, Memphis Slim, Jackie Wilson, Captain Beefheart. Link: Rexroth Archive

6 March 2001: WBAI Under Siege IX
Seth Tobocman of World War 3 Illustrated and Ann Petermann of the Native Forest Network on the WBAI crisis and the FTAA protests. Music: Sorcha Dorcha, Celtic ballads and ceile. Link: Bill Weinberg Letter to Utrice Leid

27 February 2001: WBAI Under Siege IIX
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson on art, politics and the Pacifica crisis. With Mardis Gras music from Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Wild Tchoupitoulas, Rebirth Brass Band.

20 February 2001: Moorish Orthodoxy Explained II
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson on Noble Drew Ali and the origins of Moorish Orthodoxy. With Ottoman Empire military music.

13 February 2001: WBAI Under Siege VII
Ann-Marie Hendrickson reads Orwell on Tolstoy on Shakespeare--and what it means for the Pacifica crisis. Also: Turkish folk music. Link: Orwell on Tolstoy on Shakespeare

6 February 2001: WBAI Under Siege VI
Bill Weinberg reads Ursula K. LeGuin on censorship. Music: Tex-Mex roots with Narcisco Martinez.

30 January 2001: WBAI Under Siege V
Bill Weinberg with an update on the Czech TV crisis; Ann-Marie Hendrickson on the creeping commercialization of public radio. Music: Isley Brothers, REM, Elvis Costello, The Simpsons.

23 January 2001: WBAI Under Siege IV
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson on the escalating crisis. Also: Genuine WW2 Nazi propaganda broadcasts.

16 January 2001: WBAI Under Siege III
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson on the state of the counter-revolution and resistance. Also: More Valerio Longoria. Link: NY Zapatistas on the WBAI crisis

9 January 2001: From Prague to Putumayo
Bill Weinberg on besieged media from the Czech Republic to the guerilla-controlled jungles of Colombia, to the studios of WBAI. Also: Homage to late Tex-Mex conjunto master Valerio Longoria. Link: Czech Public TV Crisis

2 January 2001: WBAI Under Siege II
Bill Weinberg, Ann-Marie Hendrickson and the Radical Cheerleaders. Music: Sly & The Family Stone

26 December 2000: WBAI Under Siege
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson speak out against the "Christmas Coup." Music: Irma Thomas, Elvis Costello. Link: Christmas Coup Archive

19 December 2000: Malathion Paranoia VI
Bill Weinberg on malathion, paraquat, glyphosate and zyklon-B. Music: Chuchumbe, Tom Lehrer, Dick Guaghan

12 December 2000: Homage to Chiapas III
Bill Weinberg reads "500 Years of Maya Resistance", from his newly released book. With field recordings of traditional indigenous music from Mexico. Link: Homage to Chiapas review from The New Formulation, An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books

5 December 2000: From Chiapas to Loisaida
Seth Tobocman and Corrine Rhodes of World War 3 Illustrated and Aresh of More Gardens. Music: Stephan Smith, Ny Quill.

28 November 2000: The Electoral Farce IV
Brooke Lehman, Guy Austrian and Jeremy Varon of the Direct Action Network (DAN) on the one-year anniversary of the Seattle protests and the current crisis of democracy. Music: William Burroughs, The Chieftains.

21 November 2000: Gastronomic Resistance
A Thanksgiving special with Andy Zimmerman of Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NE-RAGE) and Arun Gupta, in his capacity as a professional chef and graduate of the French Culinary Institute as well as a journalist with the NY Independent Media Center. Music: William Burroughs, Malvina Reynolds, Frank Zappa and Pink Anderson. Link: NE-RAGE

14 November 2000: The Electoral Farce III
Bill Weinberg dissects the electoral deadlock. Also: Kenny Tolia, Arthur Peebles and John Veit on the bust of the New York medical marijuana buyers club. Music: Material's Seven Souls (with Bill Burroughs), Leonard Cohen.

7 November 2000: The Electoral Farce II
Bill Weinberg, Steve Wishnia and Arun Gupta hold down a half-hour of anarchist election coverage, having been pre-empted by the Pacifica coverage. Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson.

31 October 2000: Halloween Cannabis Special
Diane Fornbacher of Philadelphia's Independent Freedom Fighters and Steve Wishnia of High Times. Music: One World Tribe, Trio Garnica's "La Marihuana" (1927), Gateria, Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

25 October 2000: Homage to Chiapas II
Bill Weinberg reads "Behind Lines with Marcos" from his newly released book in a special two-hour marathon show. Music: Los Polkeros de Ben Travera King.

24 October 2000: Homage to Chiapas
Bill Weinberg on bringing zapatismo to New York City. Music: Mexican revolutionary corridos. Link: Viva Loisaida Libre!

17 October 2000: Colombia War Report
Bill Weinberg on hidden corporate agendas behind the Colombia aid package. Music: Jacques Brel, Chuchumbe (Veracruz huapango), Manu Chao, Leon Rosselson.

10 October 2000: From Guerrero to Palestine
Bill Weinberg on the eco-guerilla resistance in Mexico, and a Yom Kippur meditation on the West Bank violence. With indigenous Mexican music, and Ruth Wieder Magan's Songs to the Invisible God.

3 October 2000: Reclaim the Streets! XI
Bill Times Up and Rick Times Up report back from the Prague protests. Music: Plastic People of the Universe.

26 September 2000: Reclaim the Streets! X
Arun Gupta of IndyMedia, David Graeber of Direct Action Network and Christine Halvorson of Reclaim the Streets analyze the state of the anti-globalization movement and report on the Prague protests against the World Bank/IMF. Classic protest music by Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

19 September 2000: Nkiru Books
Dr. Brenda Green, Fred Johnson and Rene Barret on the struggle to save Park Slope's struggling African American bookstore. Music by Mos Def.

12 September 2000: Patriot Games III
Bill Weinberg demolishes the lie that the Founding Fathers were Christian men by going to the primary sources. Music by Dick Gaughan.

5 September 2000: The Unreal World II
Robbie Liben, just back from a tour on a research ship in Antarctica, on global climate destabilization. Traditional folk music from the altiplano of Chile.

29 August 2000: Reclaim the Streets! IX
Afrime Derti and Pete Dollack of the No Spray Coalition, Puppetistas Gerard Damiano and Plum, and Bill Times Up! of Critical Mass. Music by Leon Rosselson. Link: No Spray Coalition

22 August 2000: American Gypsy II
Jasmine Dellal, producer of American Gypsy, and Ian Hancock, Romani representative to the US Holocaust Memorial Council, speak on the Roma struggle for Holocaust reparations. With contemporary Roma music interpreting the experience of the Nazi era. Link: Roma in the Holocaust

15 August 2000: Patriot Games II
Bill Weinberg and former Guardian editor Arun Gupta take a live call from Garrick Ruiz at the Democratic Convention protests in Los Angeles, and continue to dissect the dynamics of empire and resistance in American history. Also: more Irish rebel music.

8 August 2000: Blackout Books
Seth Weiss, Lei Ishien, Okra P. Dingle and other members of the Blackout collective speak on the Lower East Side anarchist bookstore's struggle to survive. Also: further reports from the Philadelphia protests. Music: The Psychedelic Furs.

1 August 2000: From Morocco to Philadelphia
Bill Weinberg calls in (despite technical difficulties) from the Republican Convention protests. Also: Arabo-Andalusian music of Morocco by Amina Alaoui & the Ahmed Piro Orchestra. Link: R2K Protests Rock Philly

25 July 2000: Patriot Games
Bill Weinberg dissects the evil historical revisionism of the summer Mel Gibson hit The Patriot. With Irish rebel music from the Clancy Brothers.

18 July 2000: Democratic Resistance in Iran
Hamid Hamidi of the Iranian Labor-Left Alliance and Simin Farkhondeh of Labor at the Crossroads (CUNY TV) with a discussion of the state of the movement, and musical samples from Bushehr, Kurdistan and the diaspora. Link: Golshan: Progressive Persian Website

11 July 2000: Mexico Election Analysis II
Bill Weinberg on the end of Mexico's one-party dictatorship. Traditional Irish music from Ham Debris of Ithaca, NY.

4 July 2000: Free Vieques! II
Carmelo Ruiz of San Juan's pro-independence Claridad returns with an update on the movement to get the US Navy off Vieques, as well as samples of new political rock and salsa from Puerto Rico. (Special two-part show) Link: Carmelo's blog

27 June 2000: Kosovo: One Year Later
Bill Weinberg trashes Ed Herman and Christopher Hitchens. Music from White Rabbit Cult and Ruth Wieder Magan's Songs to the Invisible God. Link: White Rabbit Cult

20 June 2000: Rants Against the Machine II
Bill Weinberg rants against the industrial leviathan, reports on rainforest struggles in Colombia and Australia. With new Australian radical folk songs.

13 June 2000: Critical Mass
Bill Weinberg and Bill Times Up on urban renewal-from-below. With music from New York City songster Heather Lev.

6 June 2000: From Colombia to Kosova
Bill Weinberg leads a comparative discussion on ethnic cleansing in the Andes and the Balkans. Musical samples from Oakland's feminist klezmer pioneers Charming Hostess. Link: Charming Hostess

30 May 2000: World War 3 Illustrated II
Seth Tobocman and Fly discuss the new issue on Land. Music from No More Prisons.

23 May 2000: Malathion Paranoia V
Attorney Joel Kupferman and Afrime Derti of the No Spray Coalition on the movement to stop the city from resuming pesticide spraying. Link: No Spray Coalition

16 May 2000: Reclaim the Streets! X
Bill Weinberg joins Aresh of More Gardens! and David Solnit of Art & Revolution for a discussion of the new post-Seattle protest strategies. Music: White Rabbit Cult. Link: Art & Revolution

9 May 2000: Reclaim the Streets! IX
Bill Weinberg joins Bill Times Up and Georgina for a discussion of the NYC Mayday protests. Link: Reclaim the Streets

2 May 2000: Reclaim the Streets! VII
Bill Weinberg interviews Seth Tobocman, Zack Weinstein and Sprout on their experiences in jail following the World Bank/IMF protests.

25 April 2000: American Gypsy
Jasmine Dellal talks about Roma history and her film American Gypsy,with musical samples from Turkey, Romania and the Czech Republic. Link: American Gypsy

18 April 2000: Reclaim the Streets! VI
Bill Weinberg joins Bill Times Up of Times Up and Brian Hill and Vince Corrigan of the Institute for Cultural Ecology for a report back from the DC protests against the World Bank/IMF. Also: Irish music from the US Civil War. Link: WB/IMF Protests Rock DC

11 April 2000: Moorish Orthodoxy Explained
Peter Lamborn Wilson explains the origins of the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, with taped interviews of early Moorish Orthodox Church founders. Also: Live traditional sounds of Keltic Soul Goat.

4 April 2000: Rudolph Giuliani: Fascist? II
Indira Kajosevic of Women in Black and Eve Sandler of Women in Outrage and Mourning on bearing witness against fascist violence in the Yugoslavia of Slobodan Milosevic and the New York City of Rudolph Giuliani. Link: Women in Black Music: Ruth Wieder Magan

14 March 2000: Resistance Against Genetic Engineering II
Andy Zimmerman and Georgina of Primal Seeds on the successful movement against genetically modified food in Europe, and spreading the struggle to the US. Also: Wisdom Ogbor shares music and reports back on the Bikes Not Bombs project in Chiapas. Link: Primal Seeds

29 February 2000: Forty-One Bullets II
Bill Weinberg, Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Bill Times Up take calls on the Amadou Diallo verdict. Music: The Specials.

22 February 2000: Shut it Down! III
Marilyn Elie and Kim Kreitzer of the Citizens Awareness Network discuss the recent accident at the Indian Point nuclear plant. Music: Arizona eco-songster Lone Wolf Circles interprets Syrian love serenades and Chief Seattle. Link: Citizens Awareness Network

15 February 2000: War in the Neighborhood
Seth Tobocman discusses his graphic novel depicting ten years of struggle on the Lower East Side. Link: War in the Neighborhood reviewed by Alan Moore

8 February 2000: Rudolph Giuliani: Fascist?
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson make the case for the obvious. Music: Wire.

1 February 2000: The Virtual Enclosures III
Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Bill Weinberg on the digital eclipse of hard copy and other harbingers of the death of the real world. Music: High lonesome bluegrass with Tara Nevins, highly annoying punk rock with Angry Samoans.

25 January 2000: The Peoples' Music Network
Carrying on the heritage of political song, with Eric Levine and Ellen Davidson. Link: People's Music Network

18 January 2000: Revolution in Ecuador
Bill Weinberg on the indigenous movement against neoliberalism in the Andean nation. With traditional indigenous music from the region. Link: Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador

11 January 2000: Viva Esperanza! II
Bill Times Up with an update on the struggle to save Loisaida's community gardens. Also: Ann-Marie Hendrickson on Aldo Leopold. Music: Paul Bowles, Australian hurdy-gurdy artist Barb Dwyer's Riding the Wild Gurdy Gander.

4 January 2000: The Politics of Political Art
Ann-Marie Hendricson on Cradle Will Rock and the dilemmas of political art.

28 December 1999: Viva Esperanza!
Aresh, Citizen and Bill Times Up on the struggle to save the Esperanza Garden in Loisaida. Music: Australian hurdy-gurdy artist Barb DwyerŐs "Riding the Gurdy Gander"

21 December 1999: Shut it Down! II
Transit worker Eric from Park Slope takes calls on New York's impending strike. Music: Dr. Demento's Favorite Christmas Novelty Songs, The Fall's "No Christmas For Junkies".

14 December 1999: Shut it Down!
Bill Weinberg and Bill Times Up take calls on New York's impending transit strike. Music: Vancouver anarcho-rockers DOA's "General Strike". Link: Transit Workers Say 'No'

7 December 1999: Reclaim the Streets! V
Bill Times Up with a first-hand report from the WTO protests in Seattle. Music: The Damned, The Jam, Sham 69. Link: Seattle Rocks!

30 November 1999: Reclaim the Streets! IV
Jeanette Gabriel of the Workers Democracy Network joins protesting steelworkers calling live from the WTO protests in Seattle. Music: Nirvana (of course!) Link: Workers Democracy Network

23 November 1999: Reclaim the Streets! III
Bill Times Up and Ariane RTS in a discussion of reclaiming public space and resisting the World Trade Organization. Music: Australian hurdy-gurdy artist Barb Dwyer's Riding the Wild Gurdy Gander.

16 November 1999: Y2K Nuclear Paranoia III
Bill Weinberg on impending millennial crises from the Hudson River to the Caucasus. Also: Update on the Mexican guerilla struggle. Music: Bart Plantenga's Radio Emits Itself.

9 November 1999: World War 3 Illustrated
World War 3 Illustrated contributing artists discuss the special issue on War & Genocide.

26 October 1999: KKK in NYC
Bill Weinberg analyzes the politics of the Klan rally in Foley Square and takes listener calls. Music: Darryl Cherney's "White Tribal Music," A to the D's "The Renegade Jew". Link: New Yorkers Repudiate Ku Klux Klan

19 October 1999: Resistance Against Genetic Engineering
With Andy Zimmerman of Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering. Link: NE-RAGE

12 October 1999: Malathion Paranoia IV
The discussion continues with Stephanie Bergash Snow of Seeking Alternatives for the Environment (SAFE) and Valerie Shepard of the Shepard Institute.

5 October 1999: Malathion Paranoia III
The discussion continues with Steve Greenspan of the Pesticide Education Safety Training Institute and Joyce Shepard of Citizen's Action Committee for Change.

28 September 1999: Malathion Paranoia II
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson dissect media coverage of the malathion spraying and encephalitis outbreak.

21 September 1999: Malathion Paranoia
Bill Weinberg speaks with Joel Kupferman of the Environmental Law & Justice Project. Link: Environmental Law & Justice Project

14 September 1999: The Pacifica Crisis IV
Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Bill Weinberg speak with Lynn Gerry of Radio4All. Music: More Antedivulian Rocking Horse. Link: Radio4All

7 September 1999: Y2K Nuclear Paranoia II
Bill Weinberg continues the discussion on Y2K's implications for reactor safety. Music: More Antedivulian Rocking Horse.

31 August 1999: Y2K Nuclear Paranoia
Bill Weinberg reports on Y2K's implications for reactor safety. Music: Antedivulian Rocking Horse, Australian electro-avant-garde. Link: Citizens Awareness Network

17 August 1999: The Pacifica Crisis III
Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Bill Weinberg continue the discussion. Music: radical Jewish rap, Baltic and Black Sea surf music. Also: Further farewells to Skip Spence.

10 August 1999: The Pacifica Crisis II
Ann-Marie Hendrickson reviews new books on the history of the Pacifica network. Music: The Ramones. Link: Matthew Lasar on Pacifica Radio

3 August 1999: The Pacifica Crisis
Bill Weinberg screens more phone calls on Y2K and the crisis at Pacifica. With more Sufi music. Link: Pacifica Coup D'Etat

27 July 1999: Paranoia Strikes Deep III
Bill Weinberg screens phone calls on Y2K and the crisis at Pacifica. With more Sufi music from Istanbul.

20 July 1999: Paranoia Strikes Deep II
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson on Y2K and the crisis at Pacifica. Music: The Damned, "Digital Doom Music".

13 July 1999: Radical Walking Tours of New York City
Bruce Kayton on his ambulatory people's history of New York City. Also: Lyn Gerry on the crisis at Pacifica. Link: Radical Walking Tours

30 June 1999: Free Vieques!
Bill Weinberg interviews Carmelo Ruiz of San Juan's pro-independence Claridad on the movement to get the US Navy off Vieques. With new music from Puerto Rico. Link: Carmelo's blog

22 June 1999: Viva Zapata! V
Bill Weinberg rants on global resistance from New York City to Bosnia to Mexico, reads communique from the ERPI rebels. With new Sufi music from Istanbul. Link: Millennium by Hakim Bey

15 June 1999: Reclaim the Streets! II
Bill Weinberg joins Bill Times Up! and Redwood Mary for a discussion of ecological struggle from New York City to Kenya to Northern California.

8 June 1999: Ex-Yugoslavia: Independent Voices VI
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson with more communiques from the Balkan anti-war opposition. With deep Albanian folk music. Link: Kosova Crisis II

1 June 1999: Ex-Yugoslavia: Independent Voices V
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson read communiques from the beseiged anti-war opposition in Yugoslavia as NATO bombs fall on Belgrade. Music: The Marx Brothers' "Fredonia Goes to War". Link: Kosova Crisis

18 May 1999: Viva Zapata! IV
Bill Weinberg reports back from his encounter with Mexico's new armed revolutionaries, the Popular Army of the Insurgent People (ERPI). Music: Peter Lamborn Wilson's Hashisheen: The End of Law.

27 April 1999: Ecclectic Explorations II
Bill Weinberg with more statements and communiques from the Yugoslav democratic opposition; Ann-Marie Hendrickson bids farewell to psychedelic songster Skip Spence.

20 April 1999: Why Does God Want to Kill Children?
Bill Weinberg reads statements and communiques from the beseiged democratic opposition in Yugoslavia; Ann-Marie Hendrickson on The Residents, "America's most eccentric band."

13 April 1999: Farewell, Armando Perez
Bill Weinberg plays his final interview with Aramando Perez, in which the slain Lower East Side activist discusses the struggle to save the Charas community center he helped found. Link: Armando Perez

6 April 1999: Julia Butterfly & the Stuggle for the Redwoods
Bill Weinberg interviews Julia Butterfly live from her perch high in a redwood tree in Morthern California's Headwaters Forest. Also: Indira Kajosevic of Women in Black on the Kosova crisis. Link: Julia Butterfly Hill

30 March 1999: Bikes for Chiapas
Nigerian activist-musician Wisdom Ogbor joins Bill Weinberg for a discussion of the Bikes Not Bombs program in Chiapas. Link: Bikes Not Bombs

23 March 1999: Unknown Legends of Rock'n'Roll
Ann-Marie Hendrickson on savant-rock and clueless classics. Also: the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade bids farewell to Samori Marksman. Link: Remembering Samori Marksman

16 March 1999: Peter's St. Patrick's Day Special
Peter Lamborn Wilson shares old and new musical samples from Eire.

2 March 1999: Mort Aux Vaches!
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson rant against cop culture and discuss the militant New York City human rights movement sparked by the slaying of Amadou Diallo. Music: Hakim Bey.

23 February 1999: Amazon Shamanism in the New World Order III
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson discuss the legacy of legendary ethno-botanist Richard Schultes. Music: girl-rockers Rasputina, Mexican rappers Control Machete.

16 February 1999: Is Monicagate Revenge for Appomattox? III
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson continue to place the Republican anti-sex campaign in the context of American history since the Civil War. Ann-Marie reads letters to Abraham Lincoln. Music: Mardis Gras mambo.

9 February 1999: Forty-One Bullets
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson talk with the listeners about the Amadou Diallo slaying. Also: Ann-Marie on the politics of beauty. Music: Geeshie Wiley's "Last Kind Word Blues"; Memphis Minnie; The Carter Family.

2 February 1999: From Loisaida to Kosova II
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson rant against police terror in New York City and imperialist intrigues in the Balkans. Music: Wire, Rage Against the Machine, Karl Marx, the Moor of Soho.

26 January 1999: Is Monicagate Revenge for Appomattox? II
Ann-Marie Hendrickson discusses nostalgia for the Confederacy. Music: The Carter Family.

19 January 1999: From Nubia to Louisiana
Ann-Marie Hendrickson discusses critiques of Diffusionism and Afrocentrism, while Bill Weinberg provides musical samples (Nubian folk dance, Slim Harpo).

12 January 1999: Urban Dystopias
Ann-Marie Hendrickson reviews Ecology of Fear by Mike Davis and other new books on the reshaping of American cities. Music: John Trudell, traditional folk music from Iraq.

5 January 1999: Listener Rants
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson take on the cranks, visionaries and extremists of every stripe who are the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade's listeners. Music: Miles Davis, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Venezuelan and Nubian folk music.

29 December 1998: Congo in the Western Imagination
Ann-Marie Hendrickson discusses Conrad's Heart of Darkness in the light of new scholarship on the Belgian genocide in the colonial Congo. With Golden Age radio theater samples.

22 December 1998: Is Monicagate Revenge for Appomattox?
Bill Weinberg rants on the downward spiral of American history--from the impeachment of Andrew Johnson to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Music: Leonard Cohen, Mexican rappers Control Machete.

8 December 1998: Free DC 37!
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson join Shamoo the Killer EMT for a discussion of the DC 37 corruption scandal. Music: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, recycled musical instruments.

24 November 1998: Peter Back From Ireland III
Peter Lamborn Wilson shares the music of the faeries.

17 November 1998: Viva Zapata! III
Bill Weinberg reports from his trip to militarized Oaxaca and Guerrero. Ann-Marie Hendrickson reviews biographies of Abbie Hoffman and Peter Coyote. Music: Irish fiddler John McKenna, Canadian political rockers Rhythm Activism, garage-rock Nuggets.

13 October 1998: Voices of the Omaha
Margery Coffey and Richard Chilton report on the struggle to save the language of Nebraska's Omaha Indian Nation. Music: John Trudell. Link: Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project

6 October 1998: Reclaim the Streets!
Bill Weinberg and Bill Times Up! on liberating urban transportation systems and public space. Music: Mexican rappers Control Machete and Actitud Maria Marta, California Earth First! songsters. Link: Reclaim the Streets

29 September 1998: Peter Back From Ireland II
Peter Lamborn Wilson with more tales and musical samples. Ann-Marie Hendrickson on how science fiction shaped the world.

22 September 1998: Ecclectic Explorations
Bill Weinberg and Ann-Marie Hendrickson spin disks and present an annotated New York activist calendar. Music: Muslim Gauze, Hawaiian steel-guitar classics, Gang of Four, The Shylites, The Gap Band, Link Wray, Ike Turner, Lalo Guerrero's "Marihuana Boogie"(1952)

1 September 1998: Paranoia Strikes Deep
Bill Weinberg rants on the anti-terrorist police state, Ann-Marie Hendrickson plays spy music.

11 August 1998: Giuliani is a Jerk
Bill Weinberg rants about getting busted for exercising his First Amendment rights.

28 July 1998: Shamanism: Archeo vs. Techno
Peter Lamborn Wilson delivers book reviews on Manchu shamanism and Techgnosis. Music: Turkish oud, Irish fiddle. Link: Techgnosis

21 July 1998: Further Sufi Explorations
Peter Lamborn Wilson shares Turkish and Sufi musical samples, Ann-Marie Hendrickson with book reviews on the "American middle-brow."

7 July 1998: Tom Ward & his Funktionaries
Tom Ward, "Pope of Radical Hedonism," shows off his newest Funktionaries tape and discusses the prospects for a revival of organized labor militancy.

9 June 1998: Wall Street Sucks
The inaugural show at the oppressively sterile environs of the new WBAI studio on Wall Street. Godzilla and other movie reviews, political rants and more. Irish song and jigs from Kevin Moyna.

19 May 1998: Opium Fields of the Tarahumara
Bill Weinberg reports on his journey to Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara, with musical samples from traditional Indian folk tunes to narco-corridos to Monterrey rap. Link: Sierra Madre Alliance

14 April 1998: Rants Against the Machine
Peter Lamborn Wilson celebrates Manchu shamanism; Bill Weinberg rants against Greater Serbia and Greater Disneyland. Music: Hawaiian chant, Burmese drums, Tuva throat-singing.

31 March 1998: From Loisaida to Kosova
DJ Chrome on the Lower East Side's pirate Steal This Radio and Shqipe Malushi on the liberation struggle in Kosova. Traditional Georgian folk music.

17 March 1998: St. Patrick's Day Special on Nicaragua
Bill Weinberg reports on his expedition to the Miskito Coast. With traditional Irish music, of course. Link: Land Grab in Nicaragua & Part Two

21 January 1998: Amazon Shamanism in the New World Order II
Do psychedelic plants have an agenda for humanity? The great meeting of the minds between Peter Lamborn Wilson and Peter Gorman of High Times magazine. Music: Afro-Peruvian diva Susana Baca, ayahuasca chants. Link: Peter Gorman

6 January 1998: The Zapatista Uprising: Year Four
Bill Weinberg on the Acteal massacre and the escalation of terror in Chiapas. Political huapangos from Michoacan, Tuva music from Mongolia.

8 December 1997: Bhaghwan Das and the Journey to the East
Peter Lamborn Wilson interviews Baghwan Das, author of It's Here Now, Are You?, on the 1960s American spiritual quest in India. Also: Arabo-Andalusian music by Amina Alaoui & the Ahmed Piro Orchestra.

25 November 1997: Forgotten 'Fifties
Ann Marie Hendrickson on Robert Heinlein, Mad Magazine, Hell's Angles, Ginsburg, Burroughs and "the Angry 'Fifties." Music: William Burroughs, The Carter Family.

4 November 1997: Washitaw: American Captive Nation
Peter Lamborn Wilson interviews Dr. Ravanna Bey on the forgotten Moorish empire in Louisiana. Links: Washitaw Nation & The Black Mound-Builders

30 September 1997: The Virtual Enclosures II
Peter Lamborn Wilson and the crew interview cyber-activist Konrad Becker of Vienna's Public NetSpace. Music: Bosnian Breakdown, the Unpronounceable Beat of Sarajevo.

16 September 1997: Free Scotland! Free Nagaland!
Peter Lamborn Wilson discusses the vote for home rule in Scotland, and updates listeners on the Naga liberation struggle in northeast India. With Celtic "mouth music" and pipes. Link: The Celtic League

2 September 1997: The Alternative in Italy
Peter Lamborn Wilson reports on the squatter scene in Rome and left-versus-right separatist movements in Venice and the north. Music: Bill Laswell interprets William Burroughs.

19 August 1997: Farewell, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Peter Lamborn Wilson bids adieu to the Qawwali vocal master of Pakistan. Also: the Naga liberation movement in northeast India.

5 August 1997: Farewell, William S. Burroughs
Ann-Marie Hendrickson bids adieu to the Beat legend with commentary and rare recordings. Link: The Interzone

22 July 1997: The Unreal World
The Crusaders take on the Greenhouse Effect, the Disneyfication of New York City and other harbingers of the death of the real world. Music: Johnny "Guitar" Watson.

10 June 1997: A Long Time Ago on a Radio Station Far, Far Away...
While pitching for the WBAI fund-raising marathon, the Crusaders groove on Star Wars, Star Trek and other space operas.

13 May 1997: City of Lights: Hakim Bey's Tales of Benares
Peter Lamborn Wilson discusses Hakim Bey's experiences among the hashish-smoking sadhus of the Hindu holy city on the Ganges. With new music from Bill Laswell.

29 April 1997: Ottoman Mayday
The Crusaders celebrate Mayday with Ottoman Empire military music. Commentary by Peter Lamborn Wilson.

15 April 1997: For the Independent City-State of New York!
The Crusaders launch the secession movement. Also: Ann-Marie Hendrickson on Irish gang culture and Bill Weinberg on the secret history of Mexico's fighting Irish. Music: More from the Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival.

1 April 1997: Save the Irish Bogs!
Vince Corrigan of the Institute for Cultural Ecology on the endangered bogs of Ireland. Music: Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival.

18 March 1997: Ancient Irish Mysteries
A St. Patricks day exploration of the hidden shamanic history of megalithic Eire and possible Keltic influences in pre-Columbian America. With Peter Lamborn Wilson and special guest Kilian Ganley. Link: Irish Soma

4 March 1997: Universal Rent Strike Rag
Bill Weinberg rants about the assault on New York's rent regulations. Also: Tribute to fallen West Coast activist warriors Judi Bari and Dave Nadel. Music: Ed Sanders.

18 February 1997: The Ambivalent Legacy of Murray Bookchin
"Lifestyle anarchists" Ann-Marie Hendrickson, Bill Weinberg and Sharon Gregory defend the honor of anarcho-mystic Hakim Bey against the Eurocentric attacks of Murray Bookchin, grand old daddy of the Social Ecology movement. Music: La Banda Mexicano's "Baile de Caballito" Link: Bookchin disses Hakim Bey

10 December 1996: The Politics of EMS in New York City
"Shamoo the Killer EMT" speaks undercover with an insider's view from the mean streets of the Bronx.

26 November 1996: Darryl Cherney & the Stuggle for the Redwoods
Songster-activist Darryl Cherney on the struggle to save Northern California's Headwaters redwood forest and Earth First!'s lawsuit against the FBI. Also: Austrian cyber-activists Public NetSpace resist right-wing censorship. Link: Jail Hurwitz!

12 November 1996: Peter Back from Ireland
Peter Lamborn Wilson shares musical treats and reports on his sojourn among the libraries, castles and megalithic sites of Ireland.

29 October 1996: Halloween Death Special
Ann-Marie Hendrickson plays death music from Sumatra, Kenya, Haiti and more, expounds on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.

1 October 1996: The Cultural Enclosures III
The anti-Disney crusade continues. Also: Ann-Marie Hendrickson on poet Bob Duncan and the occult. Music: Rockabilly girl groups, Bikini Kill, Berekely rockers The Invertebrates

17 September 1996: Ex-Yugoslavia: Independent Voices IV
Ivo Skoric, Indira Kajosevic join radio journalist Zrinka Vrabec live from Zagreb to discuss the crackdown on the independent press in Croatia. Link: Feral Tribune

20 August 1996: Journey to the Dawn of Punk
Ann-Marie Hendrickson expounds on the history of early punk, with musical samples from The Stooges, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Television, Patti Smith and more.

6 August 1996: The Cultural Enclosures II
The Crusaders mark Hiroshima Day by continuing to examine Disney's cultural holocaust. Ann-Marie Hendrickson dissects the sanitized interpretation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also: Japanese punk rock, Radio Free Berkeley's Jolly Roger Comedy Troupe.

23 July 1996: The Cultural Enclosures
Brenda Coultas of the Poetry Project leads a panel of independent bookstore representatives on resisting the assault of Barnes & Noble and other corporate chains. Also: The Crusaders take on the Disney leviathan. Music: Techno-industrial noise of Sweat Engine. Link: The Poetry Project

9 July 1996: End Time with George Matiasz
Sharon Gregory, Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Bill Weinberg join George Matiasz, author of the anarchist future-fiction cult classic End Time, for a special Fourth of July discussion of the coming Balkanization of North America. Music: Bikini Kill, Rhythm Activism. Link: Lefty Hooligan

25 June 1996: Mermaids & Mexico
Bill Weinberg, just back from Mexico, reports on the "anti-marijuana" militarization of Zapatista country and the anti-golf resistance in Tepoztlan, while Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Sharon Gregory report on the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Music: 78-RPM era carnival music, classic 1920s mariachis, Euro-psychedelia of Ax Genrich

30 April 1996: Mad Mayday
Ann-Marie Hedrickson grooves on the history of Mad Magazine while Dan Sabateur of Red & Anarchist Skinheads (RASH) makes the case for anti-fascist soccer hooliganism. Also: Spanish Revolution 60th anniversary commemoration, with period music. Link: RASH

19 March 1996: The New Fascism in Russia
Russian anarcho-syndicalist Vadim Damier speaks with ex-East German opposition activist Marcus Mathyl and NYC-based Russian journalist Misha Gutkin on the cooptation of anarchist, punk and youth counter-culture by the new "Red-Brown" ultra-nationalist alliance.

9 January 1996: Slavery in Sudan
Sudanese exile Sheikh Anwar McKeen, King of Nubia, and Dede Obombasa of the Coalition Against Slavery in Africa (CASA) discuss the slave trade in contemporary Sudan and the Sahel. With musical samples from the region. Link: Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritania and Sudan

12 December 1995: The Northwest Forests & The Hemp Alternative
Carolyn Moran, editor of Oregon's Talking Leaves ecology journal, purveys tree-free hemp paper as an alternative to the rape of the great north woods. Also with Brian Hill of the Institute for Cultural Ecology and Native American leader Dennis Martinez. Link: Talking Leaves

28 November 1995: Dorie Back From Bosnia
Dorie Wilsnack, just back from Tuzla, meets with Indira Kajosevic of Belgrade anti-war group Women In Black. Music: Amina Alaoui & the Ahmed Piro Orchestra. Link: Dorie reports from Tuzla

14 November 1995: Werner Pieper's Reefer Songs
German hashish smuggler Werner Pieper plays reefer songs by 1930s blues and jazz greats.

23 August 1995: Claudia Speaks
UK underground personality cult goddess Claudia seeks post-industrial despair from Red Hook to the Volga. Also: Traditional music from Libya, Rev. Gary Davis. Link: Claudia on Women in post-Soviet Samara

9 August 1995: The Rockefeller Amazon Conspiracy
Bill Weinberg interviews Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett, authors of Thy Will Be Done, The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller & Evangelism in the Age of Oil. With traditional music from Libya. Link: Bill Weinberg's review of Thy Will Be Done

25 July 1995: Environmentalism & Counterinsurgency
Carmelo Ruiz of the Institute for Social Ecology speaks on Environmentalism & Counterinsurgency in the New World Order, while Jorge Gleason of Mexico's Democratic National Convention reports on the Zapatista Consulta. Also: Peter Lamborn Wilson reports back on his trip to Ireland, plays Ottoman Empire military marches, Irish parlor music. Link: Carmelo's blog

11 July 1995: Decriminalization Dialogue
The Dope Squad joins Brother Shine of the Black Coalition on Drugs and Ethan Nadelmann of the Lindesmith Center for a discussion of drug decrim strategies. Music: Long Island funk-rockers Nome Sane? with "Indikafize," Arizona metal-rockers Sacred Reich covering Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf." Also: Buffalo death-rockers Cannibal Corpse, Ice Cube, Sun Ra.

27 June 1995: Drugs & The Death Penalty
The Dope Squad looks at capital punishment and the prison industry, with Peter Gorman of High Times, Noah Potter of Cures Not Wars, Liam Skilling of the WBAI news team. Music: Zark & Sepulveda, Last Poets, bootleg Beatles

13 June 1995: Drug Wars from the Andes to Loisaida
The Dope Squad analyzes the narco-militarization of the Western Hemisphere, with Peruvian scholar Gerardo Renique, journalist Sarah Ferguson, activist Rick Veda. Music: Peruvian pipes and flutes, Guatemalan rockers Alux Nahual, The Clash, Last Poets.

30 May 1995: Bosnia Gangsta Rap
The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade "Dope Squad," Bill Weinberg and John Veit, take on the Serb heroin kingpins with a panel of activists from ex-Yugoslavia and a representative from the Bosnian UN mission. With Bosnian traditional folk music, Sufi chanting and punk rock.

18 April 1995: Against the World Bank/IMF
Claudia Jimenez of the NY Committee for Democracy in Mexico, Ann Marie Hendrickson of Neither East Nor West and David Wilson of the Campaign for Real Equitable Economic Development (CREED) speak about international resistance to the global austerity regime. Also: Peter Lamborn Wilson plays Ottoman Empire military marches, "Resurrection" from Heinrich von Biber's Mystery Sonatas (for Easter).

21 March 1995: Thoughts on the Common Toad
Bill Weinberg celebrates the arrival of spring by reading the classic George Orwell essay. Also: Traditional Irish pipe music.

21 February 1995: Peter Reads His Mail
Peter Lamborn Wilson catches up on his mail and reviews, Bill Weinberg with a Chiapas update. Music: Urban bluegrass with Stephan Said, avant-garde symphonic with Glenn Branca.

7 February 1995: Viva Zapata! II
Bill Weinberg reports back from his latest trip to Chiapas, where the struggle continues one year after the Zapatista uprising. Also: WBAI news coverage of the government offensive on the Zapatistas the following week. Music: Canadian political rockers Rhythm Activism.

14 November 1994: The Virtual Enclosures
Peter Lamborn Wilson and Ivo Skoric schmooze about resisting corporate control of cyberspace. Music: Tape-beatles, plagiaristic avant-garde.

1 November 1994: Keltic Halloween Stories
Peter Lamborn Wilson reads ghost stories from old Ireland.

18 October 1994: Ayahuasca Stories
Peter Lamborn Wilson reads about psychedelic explorations in the Peruvian Amazon. Link: Ayahuasca Stories

23 August 1994: Mexico Election Analysis
Mexico's elections on the brink of revolution, with Bill Weinberg and Alex Ewen of Cornell University's Native Americas journal. Music: Political huapangos from Michoacan.

9 August 1994: Ex-Yugoslavia: Independent Voices III
With Dorie, Ivo and a panel of independent journalists from Belgrade and Sarajevo. More deep ethnic field recordings and punk rock from the Balkans. Link: The Balkans Pages

26 July 1994: Amazon Shamanism in the New World Order
Cultural survival and ethnobotany in the world of corporate exploitation. With Peter Gorman of High Times magazine; Zeze Weiss and Christine Halvorson of Amanaka'a Amazon Network. With field recordings of ayahuasca chants from the Peruvian rainforest. Link: Rainforest Foundation (Christine's new gig)

12 July 1994: Subway Troubadors
Susie Tanenbaum, author of Underground Harmonies: The Subway Musicians of New York, and a panel of musicians and activists including anti-folkster Roger Manning and Steve Witt, the Outlaw Folksinger.

28 June 1994: The Bogomils
Scholar Johana Bjorken explores Bosnia's medieval heresy. With field recordings of Bosnian Muslim folk music. Link: Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia

18 April 1994: Viva Zapata!
Bill Weinberg reports on the Zapatista revolution in Chiapas. Music: Political huapangos and poetry from Michoacan. Link: Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN)

7 September 1993: Anti-Fascism in North America
African American anarchist Lorenzo Komboa Ervin on fighting the KKK in Chattanooga; report from anti-fascist struggle in Toronto. Link: Lorenzo's blog Music: Tom Robinson Band

24 August 1993: Anti-Fascism in Europe
With former Prague Green Party City Councilman Petr Stepanic, War Resisters International's Dorie Wilsnack, Berlin-based journalist Phil Hill, and NYC activist Eric Jacobson live from the Berlin squats.

10 August 1993: Narco-Maoism and Narco-Fascism in Peru
With Peruvian scholar Jose Luis Renique, Peruvian activists Jorge Gonzalez and Pablo Salazar, and David Wilson of the NY Nicaragua Solidarity Network. With indigenous Quechua music.

13 July 1993: Ex-Yugoslavia: Independent Voices II
New York Newsday's Josh Freidman and Sandy Myers-Chin of the Jewish Ad Hoc Committee on Bosnia join Ivo, Dorie and other activists on the question of Western intervention.

14 May 1993: Cuba's Bicycle Revolution
NYC transportation activists George Bliss and Cindy Arlinksy report on Havana's post-petrol economy. Commentary by Cuban scholar Jose Barreiro. Music: Afro-Cuban jazz-funk of Irakere and Sintesis. Link: Jose Barreiro on the Taino Revival

9 February 1993: Ex-Yugoslavia: Independent Voices
With Ivo, Dorie and a panel of Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian activists. New folksongs from the "Help Bosnia Now" collection, recorded under fire in Sarajevo.

3 August 1992: The Electoral Farce
The staff of the recently-dissolved Guardian and a panel of activists debate third-party versus abstentionist strategies. Music: Howlin' Wolf

20 July 1992: Fuck the Police State!
Lori Rizzo and fellow Lower East Side anarchists, ACT UP and Dominican activists from Washington Heights plot resistance at New York's upcoming Democratic National Convention. Music: Junior Murvin.

6 July 1992: Alternative Voices on Cuba
With Sam Farber, author of Revolution & Reaction in Cuba, and a panel of left, Green, gay and feminist Cuban dissidents. Music: Carlos Puebla y sus Tradicionales. Link: Movimiento Libertario Cubano

22 June 1992: Ex-Yugoslavia: Resistance Across the Borders
With Croatian cyber-punk exile Ivo Skoric and War Resisters International's Dorie Wilsnack, live telephone link with Zagreb and Belgrade peace activists. Link: The Balkans Pages

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